Honey Does a Body Good!

Sure, honey makes a great low-calorie sweetener and deliciously glazes a fresh baked bun, but did you know that honey also has natural energy boosting properties? Or, how about the rumor that honey can help to naturally fight seasonal allergies? Who knew honey was so handy?

Raw Honey: The Anna’s Honey Way

April 30, 2012
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Our honey offerings are Grade A quality and free of preservatives, which means they are a premium, all natural product. What makes Anna’s Honey even more special is that during the bottling phase of our honey processing, we are very careful to keep the honey in it’s raw state, without harming all of its natural […]

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Honey: Nature’s Sweetener

April 27, 2012
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Among all of the amazing benefits of honey, probably its most celebrated quality is it’s natural sweetness. Other sources of sweetener, sugar cane or corn for example, need to undergo processing before they are in a ready-to-use sugar form. But, with honey this is not so. You could literally walk up to a beehive, extract […]

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